Summit Classical School reviewed by kids

Summit Classical School has already seen success in their educational ranking, so you can guess that the parents like it. But what about the kids? 

Well, these smart Second Graders in Mrs. Craven’s class had a lot to say about what they love at Summit.

Some kids appreciate the language arts education:


“I love 2nd grade at Summit because we can read.  I love to read Magic Tree House books. I love when my teacher reads us fairy tales.”

~ Serenity


“I love Summit because my teacher lets us write our own books.”

~ Joseph


“I love 2nd grade at Summit because we get to read and write. We get to write books and someday I may get to publish it!”

~ Sofie


“I love Summit because my teacher helps me to be a better writer and reader.”

~ Bert


“I love Summit because we have nice teachers. My teacher helps me be a better reader. We have lots of cool books in our class.”

~ Maddison


Other kids know its a place they can still be a kid:


“I love second grade at Summit because we do cheers at recess.”  

~ Ayissi


“I love recess!”

~ Cloey


“I love my BFFs at Summit. I also love lunch and recess. We love to play at recess”.

~ Anna


“I love PE day. It is the best day!”

~ Sariah


“I love to get the prize box on Friday!”



“I love Summit because I get to play soccer with my friends at recess.”



Some kids love Summit Classical School because they feel safe: 


“I love 2nd grade at Summit because we don’t have bullies. Bullies are rude and disrespectful.  We have a small school and less students. If a bully is mean to you, go tell a teacher.  If you want to come to my school, don’t bully. I love my school!”

~ Cameron


“I love 2nd grade at Summit because I get to eat lunch in my classroom.”

~ Zaine


“I love Summit because I have nice friends.”



And some kids care about what the parents care about too:


“I love that we have nice kids and nice teachers. I also love that our school has the top 25% of the smartest kids in the whole United States.”

~ Pate


“I love 2nd grade at Summit because the math is good. We use Eureka math and play math games on our Chromebooks. I am learning a lot of math that I did not know. I really love the math at Summit.

~ James


There you have it. Summit has the numbers to satisfy the parents and school districts. And the kids know they get to attend a school where they can thrive!


Why kids love Summit Classical School.


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