student at Summit Classical School tuition-free charter school smiling at a classroom desk

At Summit Classical School, there are so many reasons why students thrive at our K5-7 tuition-free charter school. Here are our top 10!

student at Summit Classical School tuition-free charter school smiling at a classroom desk

1. Knowledge Starts Here

We offer Classical Education, which teaches reading, writing and math through the Classical Education stages of Grammar, Logic and Rhetoric. Our students are developing thinking skills and natural curiosity – what better way to inspire a lifelong love of learning?

2. We Celebrate Excellence

Summit Classical students routinely score in top percentiles statewide on standardized tests. We have been recognized as a Gold School of Excellence by the Charter Institute at Erskine for scoring in the top 25% of all schools in the South Carolina public school system in English. None of our students scored below the 50th percentile and we also outperformed our local school districts in mathematics. Each year we welcome parents and community members to Kindergarten Graduation, Literacy Night and Awards Day – where we celebrate student and school-wide achievements. Our school culture celebrates excellence!

3. We Teach the Whole Child

At Summit Classical, we don’t just teach reading and writing and math. We also offer a “Whole Child Education”, which means that we spend time each day on character building activities. Our Core Virtues program focuses on a different life principle every week, and Morning Meeting is a designated time for all grade levels to focus on SEL issues and discuss core virtues and the principles in the student code of conduct. 

4. Excellent High School Prep 

We are committed to student success – in high school and beyond. Summit’s K5-7 Classical Education curriculum establishes a strong base of knowledge from which students may expand and practically apply their knowledge at the secondary level. Our middle schoolers can access a broad variety of academically challenging classes, field trips and extracurriculars. Partnering with the greater Clinton community, local businesses visit our campus to share hands-on experiences. 

5. Nurtured Leadership 

At all grades, we emphasize the development of leadership qualities and learning behaviors such as taking positive risks, viewing errors as opportunities, recovering from mistakes, exchanging feedback, collaboration, planning with a purpose, and tracking personal progress. Our students are critical thinkers who are able to advocate for themselves both inside and outside the classroom.

6. A Thriving STEAM Program

In a time when many public school art programs have been cut or eliminated, Summit Classical is known for our thriving STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Math) Program. We have a local board-approved course that all of our scholars take along with PE as their related arts. All of the STEAM subjects are integrated into hands-on activities.

7. A Safe and Secure Campus

We prioritize student safety and maintain a safe and secure learning environment. Our staff know each of our students personally and check in with them throughout the year. We offer student support services and can link students to outside resources if they need them. And local law enforcement officers join our students for a friendly lunch every week.

8. We Know Our Students

We are the only school in the Clinton area that offers K5-7 education. Our elementary and middle school grades, combined with our small-school setting, creates a school where staff and teachers know every student – and their families – by name. We are a tight knit community! 

9. Support for All Learners

All learners are welcome here – from students needing extra support to those who want to engage more deeply in their learning. We offer effective reading intervention, after-school tutoring and challenging enrichment opportunities that inspire all students to thrive.

10. School Pride!

We love our school and it shows! Respectful classroom culture, engaged families, and friendly and caring teachers and staff all come together to support our students and instill pride in our school. Come visit and see for yourself why we start each day with a school-wide cheer “Who Are We? Summit Bears!”

These are just some of the ways that Summit Classical School serves our students with a top-notch classical education in a tuition-free charter school environment. Are you interested in learning more about how classical education can be a fit for your child? Contact us and enroll today!


About Summit Classical School
Summit Classical School is a tuition-free charter school serving K5-7th grade students in the Clinton, SC area. We offer an academically rigorous Classical Education curriculum and character building activities that inspire all learners. Students are supported by a close-knit community of caring teachers, staff and engaged families. Join our public charter school today! Enrolling now

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