Principal’s Note

I am so honored to begin this year as your principal.  The Summit community is extremely tight-knit, passionate and resilient. Those traits are the very ingredients we need this year as we navigate a school year that is beginning just as non-traditionally as last year.  During these unprecedented times, it is difficult to know what is best for our children.  So, we must be prepared to move forward no matter what live throws our way.

With the rise in COVID cases throughout the state, many of us are choosing to wear masks again.  We urge you to carefully consider what your choice will be for your child.  Please remember that this is a personal choice.  However, masks are a small price to pay if it means keeping our school open and our children safe!

August and September leads to change.  New teachers. New students.  New friends.  New challenges.  I hope we will all embrace, support, and celebrate the changes we encounter.  As the principal at Summit Classical School, I am excited about the new school year.  It is an honor and privilege to be part of this great learning community.

Please know that you can call me or email me at any time!

Mary Greene Thomasson
864.547.2018, ext. 101

Student Drop-Off Safety Information

Student safety is very important.  Please have students wait in the car until one of the adults opens the door for them to get out.

Measures of Academic Progress (MAP) Testing Dates

  • Tuesday, August 31st – Reading
  • Thursday, September 2nd – Math
  • Friday, September 3rd – Reading Fluency (K-2)

MAP Growth is the most trusted and innovative assessment for measuring achievement and growth in K-12 math and reading.  It provides teachers with accurate and actionable evidence to help target instruction for each student!

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