Many parents ask us: Is Summit Classical School a private school? No! Is tuition required to attend? Never!

Even though Summit Classical School has the appearance of a private school: a unique curriculum, a unified school culture, and an interactive website… It is actually a PUBLIC school. So there is absolutely NO tuition cost.

But, as a charter school, Summit is still very different from other local schools!

How is Summit Classical School different from a traditional public school?

  • Summit uses a different curriculum than most public schools. Amplify Core Knowledge Language Arts is a classical curriculum. To find out more about CKLA and classical curricula, click here.
  • The school is governed by its own school board. So most decisions are made locally instead of following mandates by the state and the district.
  • Summit tries to foster a different school culture, based on our own code of conduct, community, values, and style of education.
  • Parents have a choice. Students are not required to live in Laurens County, SC to enroll. Admission is determined by lottery if application capacity is exceeded.

How is Summit Classical School similar to a traditional public school?

  • There is no tuition. Though the school looks kind of like a private school, students attend Summit for free.
  • Summit is a charter school, it is part of and funded by the South Carolina public school system.
  • The school is still required to meet and exceed state testing requirements. Though Summit can educate students in the way they see fit, they are evaluated based on standardized tests.
  • By law, charter schools in South Carolina are open to all children. There are no special requirements to attend.

There is still time to enroll your child at Summit Classical School! Applications for new K5 – 6th grade students may be submitted until February 1, 2022.

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