three Summit Classical School students smiling together, dressed in grey Field Day tshirts

Students come to Summit Classical School for so many different reasons. From top-notch academics to our thriving arts and music programs – we have a lot to be proud of. But one of the biggest advantages of enrolling in Summit School, a tuition-free K5-7 public school is also one of the smallest – our school size! Here are five reasons why our small school may be a perfect fit for your family.

1. We Know Our Families

We are a tight knit community where staff and teachers know every student – and their families – by name. Summit School parents love the high level of partnership they experience with our teachers and staff to support student learning. Parent contact with classroom teachers is easy in our small school. There is frequent communication between teachers and parents about student performance, and parent help is welcomed. At Summit School there are many ways families can get involved – from joining our active PTO to chaperoning a field trip, serving as a reading buddy, attending teacher conferences, and more. We value and welcome close relationships with our students’ families.

Summit Classical tuition-free charter school teacher standing in front of a classroom of students. Students are raising their hands and she is pointing to one of them.

2. We Know Our Students

At Summit School, no child slips through the cracks. Their social and emotional needs are known by all staff and the characteristics that make them special are appreciated. Our smaller student base enables our teachers to understand the academic struggles and strengths of their students, and they have the time to creatively respond with opportunities for enrichment or support. And our students know each other well too: our small school K5-7 model enables students to spend elementary and middle school years together, developing close friendships and sharing developmental stages and milestones. 

3. Small is Safe

We prioritize student safety. Our small Summit School campus is a safe and secure learning environment. Our staff know our students personally, and local law enforcement officers stop by for friendly check-ins throughout the year. We offer student support services and can link students to outside resources if they need them. 

three Summit Classical School students smiling together, dressed in grey Field Day tshirts

4. Low Pressure Extras

Our small-school setting encourages students to try new activities and explore their interests, regardless of experience level. From field day to volunteering in the community, there are in-school and out-of-school activities that will engage every student in Summit School.

5. We’re Happy

Teachers at smaller schools report higher levels of job satisfaction. With higher levels of job satisfaction comes higher retention rates and more consistency for learners. Many of our families have friendly and collaborative relationships with their child’s educators. As a result, our teachers feel valued and trusted. It goes without saying that happy teachers add to a positive learning environment and respectful school culture – which is reflected in our happy students too!

There are so many reasons why our small school setting is an advantage at Summit School. Contact us and enroll today!

About Summit Classical School
Summit Classical School is a tuition-free charter school serving K5-7th grade students in the Clinton, SC area. We offer an academically rigorous Classical Education curriculum and character building activities that inspire all learners. Students are supported by a close-knit community of caring teachers, staff and engaged families. Join our public charter school today! Enrolling now.



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